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Live Chat

Simple to set up, powerful to use, our live chat feature has it all:

  • Single-view dashboard to view and manage chats across all channels
  • Set up individual users and/or groups
  • Configure live chat availability timing
  • Send & receive rich media such as images
  • See what pages your customers are browsing
  • Manage from our desktop or mobile app


Our no-code builder allows you to automate lead generation 24/7.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Automated interactive lead capture with Chatbot Forms
  • Insert images, button URLs and custom fields
  • Auto-respond to free-text FAQs with Wildcards
  • Flexible configuration with live chat
  • Integrates across Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp


Our unique MediaFlo™ feature incorporates rich media into chat to take your chat experience even further.

  • Embed custom video journeys into your chat flows
  • Increase dwell time and engagement
  • Allow customers to respond via video, audio or images
  • Next-level insight into what your customers want
  • Perfect for video welcome messages, product issue reporting, video testimonials and more

Facebook Messenger

Integrate seamlessly into one of the world’s biggest messaging apps

  • Takes less than a minute
  • Messenger QR code generator
  • Messenger URL generator
  • Comment-to-bot – automatically send a message to customers based on their comments
  • Combine live chat and bot options to maximise efficiency


The world’s biggest messaging app with over 2 billion users globally, this is THE channel your customers want to chat with you on! We utilise the WhatsApp API, to help you provide your customers with a best-in-class WhatsApp chat experience.

  • Set up multiple users to manage chats from our single view chat inbox
  • Pro-actively add and message new customers over WhatsApp
  • End-to-end encrypted messaging for maximum security
  • Dedicated Media section to store all customer-sent images, pdfs etc in one place
  • WhatsApp QR code and URL generator
  • Broadcast messages containing promotions or newsletters with a 95%+ open rate

Customer Management Inbox

Your one-stop shop for managing all chats across all channels.

  • Manage chats across all channels from one inbox
  • Set and define customer status
  • Filter chats by agent, channel and status
  • Transfer chats between agents
  • Capture all media sent by customer in one place
  • Set up quick replies for easy response
  • Send SMS or Email natively from the dashboard

Multi-channel selection

Allow your customers to choose which channel they wish to chat with you on.

Additional features

Visitor Alert

  • Be notified when a customer is visiting your website so you can jump straight into chat and help them!

Pro-active messages

  • Display unique messages and flows within your website chat depending on the page a customer is browsing

QR code generator

  • Create QR codes that take your users to a website flow, Messenger flow or into WhatsApp
  • Print on leaflets, business cards, direct mail, posters to drive more enquiries via chat
  • Generate in less than a minute


  • Broadcast email, SMS and WhatsApp messages to your audience
  • Send immediately or schedule for a specific date
  • Filter by tags to target segmented audiences using your chat


  • View chat histories, MediaFlo™ responses, view & export leads, and even analyse what parts of your chatbot customers are clicking to optimise insight.

Mobile App

  • Manage all your chats from web live chat, Messenger and WhatsApp on the go
  • Be notified of new chatbot leads instantly
  • Available on iOS or Android


Integrate your chat widget into any website, including Wordpress and Wix

Connect your chatbot to 1000’s of apps via Zapier

Open API for developer integrations

Our team can support custom integrations where necessary