Sell more properties and attract more sellers
using chat, WhatsApp and MediaFlo™

Traditional website live chat is good, but combining this with automation, video and
WhatsApp makes it really good!

As an estate agent, good communication with customers is vital, from the initial enquiry all the way to sale and beyond. Konversable provides you with a suite of chat tools and marketing tools to drive more business to you, with higher conversions.


Customisable website widget for live chat, chatbot, or both, fully branded to your site.

Estate agent specific lead capture flows if you wish to include chatbot automation.

QR code generator to allow customers to scan on things like door drops, brochures, or ‘For Sale’ boards so they can easily leave an enquiry or reach you directly on WhatsApp

MediaFlo™ allows you to use video within your chat widget to increase trust in your services.

WhatsApp integration gives you a GDPR-compliant way of communicating with your clients over the world’s biggest messaging app

Embed WhatsApp CTA buttons against property listings to increase immediacy of response and conversions

Broadcast WhatsApp promotional marketing to your customers on things like new property developments, ”sell your home with us” campaigns, marketing newsletters and more, with over 95% open rates