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Custom Build

  • Fully customised “done-for-you” bot built by a Total Chatbots bot builder
  • All features of Prestige, plus
  • WhatsApp API integration (TCB handle set up with Twilio)
  • Detailed client consultation
  • Bespoke development as per requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes of course! If you wish to change your plan please contact us

Simply contact us with 30 days notice of cancellation and we will de-activate your account

Yes! Some of our competitors put cap limits on chat conversation numbers. All of our plans allow an unlimited number of chats to take place.

Because we use the WhatsApp API, the set up process is fairly lengthy and more complex than what our core plans offer. In addition there are a number of factors that can affect the cost, such as number of users and number of messages being sent each month.

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