Increase candidate placements and
experience with WhatsApp

If you are a recruitment agency, WhatsApp can be one of the most powerful communication tools between recruiters and candidates.


Over 2 billion people globally and 26 million people in the UK use WhatsApp

Messages are end-to-end encrypted for maximum security

95% open rates meaning your messages will be noticed

Quick and easy to use

However, the chances are your team are using their own personal WhatsApp accounts to communicate with potential candidates. This creates a host of questions & issues including:

  • GDPR compliance – WhatsApp personal app and WhatsApp Business App do not have GDPR compliance built-in
  • Lack of management oversight – do you know what conversations are happening between your staff and your customers?
  • Data ownership – who “owns” the customer data if communications are happening on a staff member’s personal phone… your business or your employee? What happens to the customer data if an employee leaves?
  • Single-user per device – there is no way of having a large team able to use personal WhatsApp across multiple users and devices

Konversable’s WhatsApp integration gives you the power and peace of mind to use WhatsApp as an agency with your team to recruit more candidates, by doing the following:

  • Multiple team members can message candidates securely under one Facebook Approved business profile
  • Management can oversee all chats within the business to identify training needs, share best practice etc.
  • The business “owns” the data and can control user access
  • Customer-sent media such as images, pdfs etc are automatically stored and can be quickly accessed from our Customer Management dashboard
  • The WhatsApp API is GDPR compliant so you have complete peace of mind over data protection
  • Our additional Broadcasting feature allows you to broadcast new vacancy alerts en-masse straight to your customers WhatsApp, ensuring high visibility, open rates and engagement in your roles before anyone else can get to them!

Integrates with the following CRMs


Asked Questions

Standard set-up usually takes 3-4 weeks. The set up process is fairly complex due to the number of steps involved to get the API approved with Meta (Facebook). However, we take the large majority of work out for you and make the process as headache free as possible!

Typically we have 2 different pricing structures, depending on whether you are looking at using the system as a customer service / management tool, or as a broadcasting tool for marketing purposes. Usually for customer service applications we charge per user/agent. For broadcasting, we charge depending on the number of messages you plan to send each month. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a detailed quote.

We have an advanced integration with Bullhorn, one of the world’s leading recruitment CRMs. We already have an integration with Zapier, and an Open API for any custom integrations you may require. Our team of developers are also on hand to build any specific integration requirements you may have.

Facebook recently relaxed the rules regarding WhatsApp broadcasting, meaning in the UK you are now able to broadcast promotional messages along with general notification messages. However it is important to remember that the customer must still have consented to receiving messages under GDPR.

There are a number of different features we offer to increase the opportunities for customers to chat with you on WhatsApp. Some of these are listed below:

  • WhatsApp ‘floating’ button for display on your website
  • WhatsApp Custom URL to embed within any Call to Action (CTA) buttons (in an email campaign for example)
  • WhatsApp QR codes which a customer can scan to start a new chat
  • Messaging a new customer from our system to start a new chat
  • Broadcasting to a large audience
  • Coming in Q4 – auto-sending a WhatsApp message as soon as a customer completes a webform on your site

Chat with our team to find out how you can optimise your agency’s results by using WhatsApp to reduce time-to-hire and increase candidate placements.