Advanced A.I. for Shopify Businesses.

Convert More Customers with a Seamless Visitor Experience and High-Quality Virtual Assistance

It’s finally here - our Advanced A.I. feature now seamlessly integrates with your Shopify e-commerce site to transform the way customers interact with your business. This is one of the most advanced and complete solutions on the market and as close to a premium in-store shopping experience as you can get!

You have a great website and Shopify store, but how are you engaging shoppers to help them make purchasing decisions?

Perhaps you’re using live chat or a basic chatbot. Both useful tools for your website, however, with our advanced technology, you can improve the quality of interactions by presenting options based on your customers needs, and answering any product specific questions they might have once they’ve narrowed down their search. Ultimately increasing conversions.

How does our Advanced A.I. feature work?

Using a combination of LLMs, clever indexing of the site, and a Shopify access token, you can provide information about stock and answer any product queries instantly.

Our technology provides instant and accurate answers to product information and helps customers find what they need quickly and easily, therefore improving customer service, visitor experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Example use cases

  • Provide instant answers to common customer enquiries like "What do you charge for delivery?"
  • Support chat-based search of your inventory (e.g. "what blue shirts do you have in stock?")
  • Provide product-level detail for specific questions a customer might have about a product they are viewing (e.g. "what sizes does it come in?")

Combine this with our WhatsApp API solution for enhanced communication.

Send order confirmation alerts, delivery updates, promotional offers, and more directly to your customers on the most powerful communication platform for retailers. (Yes! This is the channel to be on to deliver real-time updates and create visible marketing campaigns.)

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