Product Launch

Launch your product and allow your chatbot
to become your 24/7 product expert.

  • Provide an interactive experience for your prospects, ensuring much higher interest in your product.
  • Your chatbot is on 24/7, meaning thousands of people can ask different questions about your product and receive instant answers, increase satisfaction and propensity to buy what you are selling!
  • Segment your audience based on their responses, allowing you to re-target with information relevant to them, again increasing engagement.
  • Including questions for users to answer can bring valuable insight into what things people like about your product, allowing you to tailor your launch strategy accordingly.
  • A Facebook Messenger bot can pull in user data such that a user can be greeted by first name, again increasing engagement. Use of emojis and rich content such as images or video can further add to the experience.
  • Delayed bot responses allow you to automatically re-target your visitors with a follow up message at the time of your choosing, increasing conversion rates.
  • Building up a Messenger subscriber list as people use your bot allows you to re-target them with valuable content, with 80%+ open rates, FAR higher than that of email.
  • Link Facebook Ads to your bot, allowing you to reach your target audience with your specific brand message.

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